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Halfway to Goal 1!

Just finished my 10th workout with the EA Sports Active program!  Only 10 more to go!  I really haven't seen any weight loss, but my legs are getting toned and looking better.  I've also found out that my favorite part of the workout is when I can do my "run", so this bodes well for when I start my 5k training.

Speaking of 5k training, I plan on starting that next weekend, after I get my shoes.  With as beat up as my feet are, spending the money on shoes is a necessity.  Ah, the joys of getting older!

Foodwise, I am so glad it's summer!  Fresh fruits and veggies for all!  Been going down to Coleman's Farm Market, down on Michigan off of Carpenter.  Nice family run place, decent prices, and they are big on carrying local items.  They also have a huge section of bulk items, such as lentils, snack mixes, and other wonderful stuff.

To all my friends who are also working on being fit, keep it up!  We can do this!