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2 workouts in!

So, I've completed 2 of 30 workouts with my EA Sports Active.  Not feeling too sore right now, but that may change come tomorrow, LOL!

I mentioned that I made my own (Yummy!) yogurt yesterday.  The recipe that I used is here.  The only things I changed for this is the fact that I used regular milk and yogurt from Kroger, and for straining I used this wonderful strainer my mom used to use for draining yogurt when she made it.   Yay for hand me downs!  Will definitely be making this recipe on a regular basis, as I can make twice the amount of yogurt for about half the price I can buy it for in the store.

Another thing I've been doing to make sure I drink more water is making infused water at home.  So far I've made green apple infused water, and it was yummy!  Super simple to do as well, all I did was cut up 3 green apples, remove core and seeds, and put them in one of those gallon jars that have the spigot on them, cover with water and let sit overnight.  We've been doing this at work, and we've done strawberry (less soaking time), citrus (lemon, lime, orange), grapefruit, cucumber, and apple.

 Yay healthy!


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Jun. 29th, 2010 05:40 pm (UTC)
The infused waters sound awesome - I really hate drinking plain old water (even though I do)...maybe I should try something like that!!
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