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World Steam Expo countdown

ok, so it's roughly 5.5 months until the World Steam Expo, so I've decided to turn this into a "OMG!  I have so much to create" blog, LOL.    

I have so much sewing to do in the next few months, as I want the Dear Husband and I to look good when we go there.  And as we really don't have much Victorian-esque clothing, we're starting from the ground up. yay...

I have conquered my first vest for DH, and it did garner compliments from Those In The Know, so I feel pretty confident about creating more for him.  And luckily, modifying shirts is relatively easy.  We are thinking of contacting someone who does leatherwork to create a knee brace for him in a steam style, so he has extra support and looks spiffy as well.

For myself, I have Plans for an old olive green chef coat of mine, hee hee.  Paired with knee length pants or knickers, a Sparky type chef is in my future, LOL.  As for regular day and evening wear, I'm tending toward the farther end of the Steam era, as in Edwardian.  I have in mind an outfit inspired by the "Show Me" number in My Fair Lady, but for the jacket in a lovely shot striped fabric of brassy gold, green and blue, with blue velvet lapels, and a green skirt.  I also have plans to make my wardrobe mix and match, which is something I never really did with my SCA garb.

Enough babbling for now, I leave you with a picture from the Sunday Steampunk Salon a few weeks ago at Frenchie's, which features DH's vest:

He's th handsome fella in the dark brown vest...


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Feb. 20th, 2011 12:44 am (UTC)
Welcome to steampunk_style
I've approved you for the comm. I always check journals for anyone requesting to be added, because we've had a lot of bots and spammers. You appear to be a Real Person, so welcome. Please look over the rules before posting!


- Madelyn / marchenland

PS: Commenting b/c I could not send you a message.
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